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Institute for Coastal and Marine Research


The CMR has a long history of coastal and marine research and engagement at the Nelson Mandela University. It comprises a multi-disciplinary collection of staff and postgraduate students across six faculties within the University, additionally including research associates, and local and international collaborators.

Members form several research groups and units that span variety of coastal and marine taxa, ecological/physical processes, and management issues. Among our members are four South African Research Chair Initiative (SARChI) holders in Shallow Water Ecosystems, Law of the Sea, Marine Spatial Planning, and Food Security.

The core activities of the members are fundamental and applied research, research-based training of postgraduate students in masters and doctoral programmes, and consulting. Most of the work undertaken follows one (or more) of three of the Institute's research themes: global change; living resources and food security; and biodiversity and conservation. Many of these activities are supported by the Research Diving Unit, that facilitates underwater research and provides training for commercial divers.

More information on the CMR is available in our information booklet (downloadable from the sidebar). Alternatively, please contact us directly. To become a CMR Member, please download the 2017 CMR Membership Form, and e-mail completed Membership Forms to Liza Rishworth. The CMR Glossy Report for 2016 is also availabe for download in the sidebar.



The 2017 Director, Professor Janine Adams, will be on research sabbatical for 2018. Mrs Bernadette Snow (Department of Development Studies) and Dr Pierre Pistorius (Department of Zoology & MAPRU) will be the Director and Deputy Director, respectively, for 2018.


Structure of the CMR


The Institute will play a pivotal role on the Ocean Sciences Campus. The information magazine is avialble for download from the sidebar.


Please see the 2017 Director's Report Presentation available for download from the sidebar.

Contact information
Mrs Liza Rishworth
Research Assitant
Tel: 27 41 504 2852