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South Africa currently has 11 EBSAs solely within its national jurisdiction (listed in blue), shares 4 transboundary EBSAs with other countries (listed in green), and has 1 new proposed EBSA (listed in gold). Although only some of these fall within the BCLME area, South Africa has chosen to include all of their EBSAs in this review process.


Peruse the interactive map and select an EBSA from the list below to view more information about the focus area.


  1. Benguela Upwelling System
  2. Orange Shelf Edge
  3. Orange Cone
  4. Namaqua Fossil Forest
  5. Childs Bank
  6. Namaqua Coastal Area
  7. Cape Canyon and Surrounds
  8. Protea Seamount
  9. Browns Bank
  10. Agulhas Bank Nursery Area
  11. Agulhas Slope and Seamounts
  12. Offshore of Port Elizabeth
  13. Protea Banks and Sardine Route
  14. Natal Bight
  15. Delagoa Shelf Edge, Canyons and Slope
  16. Prince Edward Islands, Del Cano Rise and Crozet Islands


Note that the South African descriptions and delineations are in active review. Check the website regularly for updates.