Grab your camera, strap on a tank, and go dive for turtles!

We are particularly interested in turtles along the east coast of South Africa, although we do welcome records outside of this range (e.g., in Mozambique or the South African south and west coasts).


Things you'll have to do and remember:


1. Take a Photo of the turtle (try to include the head).  If the turtle is feeding, take a photo of its food as well. 

2. Record it's Activity when you first spotted it, e.g., was it swimming, resting or feeding?

3. Look for a satellite or flipper Tag and record the flipper tag code (you won't be able to see the satellite tag code, so don't worry to look for it)



4. Location - Name of the reef where you saw the turtle; GPS co-ordinates are even better

5. Date and time of observation 


Before you kit up, we suggest you check out the online data sheet so you know exactly what you will need to fill in and how. We find it useful to dive with a small slate and a pencil (available at most dive shops) so you can write the information down as you go.


Happy diving!

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