Dr Bernardino (Dino) Malauene

Affiliation: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow – Ocean Science & Marine Food Security Research Chair

Email Address: dinomalawene@yahoo.com.br

Research Interest(s): Physical Oceanography; Climate Change and Variability; Marine Ecosystem Functioning and Characterization; Connectivity; Marine Environmental Monitoring and Mitigation; EIA Process

Description of Research: Dr Malauene’s research focuses on the marine ecosystem. He uses applied marine science, combining in situ observations, satellite data and both ocean and biophysical modelling to investigate ocean processes including environmental factors, their role on marine life and ultimately relate these to fisheries population dynamics.


Dr Daniel Lemley

Affiliation: Research Fellow – Botany Department and the DSI/NRF Shallow Water Ecosystems Resarch Chair

Email Address: Daniel.Lemley@mandela.ac.za

Research Interest(s): Water Quality; Nutrient Analysis; Estuaries; Eutrophication; Microalgae; Phytoplankton

Description of Research: Dr Lemley's work focuses on estuarine and coastal ecology, with a particular interest in the process of eutrophication and harmful algal blooms. He investigates the autecology of various harmful algal bloom species in South African coastal and estuarine ecosystems, aiming towards effective mitigation in the future.