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Institute for Coastal and Marine Research


Research is the primary activity of the Institute, and it forms the core on which other activities are based. Members address both fundamental and applied problems through their research under three broad themes that are not necessarily mutually exclusive: Global Change; Living Resources and Food Security; Biodiversity and ConservationCMR Members also provide research-based training through masters and doctoral programs based in participating academic departments. The Institute particularly encourages research and student programs that are interdisciplinary. Prospective students are welcome to contact relevant staff members about potential projects.

Research and student training is conducted in smaller research groups, or under one of four research chairs. Projects are generally field based, and depend heavily on field equipment. Most vehicles, boats, instruments and other sampling gear is housed in entities such as academic departments and SAEON. However, CMR houses the central facility - Research Diving Unit - for diving and commercial diver training.

Various research briefs are prepared by the CMR on certain topics, especially where tne need arises to inform others of our research activities. Please refer to the sidebar for any available research briefs.

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