Since 1 July 2013, the first incumbent of the Chair is Prof Patrick HG Vrancken who, until then, was the Head of the Department of Public Law at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. During the last 18 months in that position, Prof Vrancken played a leading role in advising SAMSA, other organs of State and the Nelson Mandela University in their efforts to develop the maritime training and research capacity in South Africa. His most recent major research output is a monograph entitled South Africa and the Law of the Sea published in 2011 by Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.

Research foci include State ocean jurisdiction, the law of the sea in Africa, transnational organised fisheries crime, port law and marine tourism law. Further information can be found on the Chair's official website.

Contact information
Prof Patrick Vrancken
Incumbent of the South African Research Chair in the Law of the Sea and Development in Africa
Tel: 27 41 504 2200