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Institute for Coastal and Marine Research


Water is a scarce commodity in southern Africa, where many aquatic ecosystems are currently on a trajectory of rapid deterioration. The sustainable use of our water resources, and their rehabilitation where necessary, requires that adaptive management structures are continuously provided with scientific knowledge on the processes that govern aquatic ecosystems and their health.

Consequently, research under this chair focuses on integrated ecosystem functioning of estuarine and coastal systems, specifically considering: freshwater requirements of shallow water ecosystems; ecophysiology; water and coastal management; coastal zone management; coastal habitat responses to climate change; encironmental health and importance indices; blue carbon ecosystems; invertebrate diversity; zooplankton grazing and phytoplankton production; food webs and benthic-pelagic coupling; alien invasive species; anthropogenic eutrophication; and biological-physical-chemical interactions. All shallow water ecosystems are studied, including: estuaries and micro-estuaries; mangroves; stromatolite pools; temporary wetlands; marshes and rivers.

Contact information
Prof Janine Adams
Full Professor - Director of the Institute for Coastal and Marine Research
Tel: 27 41 504 2429