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Institute for Coastal and Marine Research

Projects on Biodiversity and Conservation broadly relate to understanding, protecting and managing coastal and marine ecosystems, both for conservation and for sustainable human useIt includes:

  • conserving environments, ecosystem processes and biodiversity;
  • marine spatial planning;
  • sustainable tourism;
  • legislation and policy;
  • coastal engineering;
  • sand mining and use of other non-living resources and their economic implications;
  • sustainable livelihoods.

Some specific areas of activity under this theme include: the SARChI Shallow Water Ecosystems; SARChI Marine Spatial Planning; Marine Apex Predator Research Unit (MAPRU); cetacean group; sandy beach and turtle group; estuaries group; underwater cultural heritage; estuarine, beach and rocky shore biodiversity; coastal dune flora; coastal fish ecology; coastal management strategies.

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Dr Linda Harris
Postdoctoral Fellow
Tel: +27 (0)41 5044281

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