Projects on global change are aimed at monitoring and understanding natural and anthropogenic change and how this impacts coastal and marine systems and human communities dependent on them. It includes monitoring climate change through: 

  • physical and biological processes, its drivers and implications;
  • pollution monitoring;
  • biodiversity loss;
  • building socio-ecological resilience in light of global changes;
  • understanding risks and vulnerabilities due to environmental change.

Further specific areas of research activity in the CMR under this theme include: the UK-SA Bilateral Research Chain in Ocean Science and Marine Food Security; long-term observations in coastal and offshore areas of sea-level rise, ocean acidification and harmful algae blooms; pollution monitoring of PCBs, metals, etc; coastal vulnerability; responses of top predators to change; long-term trends in turtle nesting success;  fresh water requirements over river and estuary systems; river and wetland management; and multi-scale adaptations to climate change.

Please refer to the document available for download from the sidebar for details on projects that fall under this Global Change Research Theme. Contact details for the relevant researchers or Principal Investigators (PIs) for these projects are provided in this document.

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