Projects on living resources and marine food security are focused on studying and developing coastal and marine living resources which are, or can be, utilised as food sources, with the emphasis on sustainability.  This CMR Research Theme contributes to the University's institutional Health and Sustainable Livelihoods research theme.

It includes:

  • sustainable utilisation of living resources;
  • fisheries and aquaculture;
  • resource economics;
  • legislation and policy;
  • poverty alleviation;
  • sustainable development; 
  • governance;
  • common property resource management;
  • adaptive management.

Some specific areas of research activity under this theme include: the UK-SA Bilateral Research Chair in Ocean Science and Marine Food Security; abalone seeding project; fish studies; line and pelagic fish biology; mangroves; rocky shore invertebrates; studies of contamination; and other work by the Sustainability Research Unit.

Please refer to the document available for download from the sidebar for information on projects that fall under this Living Resources and Marine Food Security Research Theme. Contact details for researchers or Principal Invesitgators (PIs) are provided in this document.