The CMR is actively involved in facilitating meetings, hosting conferences, and building capacity through training workshops. There are also several citizen science initiatives run by different research groups, which we encourage members of the public to participate in. The CMR also arranges an annual Research Symposium (see the 2017, 20182019 and 2021 symposiums here), as well as various workshops, talks, and engagement events. From 2021, the CMR hosts quarterly seminars.




New Journal Article published by CMR researcher who is also a Data manager and Stakeholder Liaison, Mrs Hannah Truter, amoungst other collaborators.

Title: Characterising epibenthic diversity and physical drivers in unsolidated marine habits of Algoa Bay, South Africa. 

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SARChi for Marine Spatial Planning, Prof Amanda Lombard, amoungst other researchers, recently published another journal article.

Title: High-speed chases along the seafloor put Bryde's whales at risk of entanglement.

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Prof Rose Boswell's new poetry anthology reflects on climate change and anthropogenic impacts on coastal and ocean environments. This professor from Nelson Mandela University has published her third poetry anthology that articulates aspects of human relations with the sea, or marine biodiversity, in South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Canada, Mozambique, Japan, Madagascar and Mauritius among other countries. 

“Reflecting on the role of poetry in human life, I once said that poetry offers ‘opportunity for a pause’. However, thinking back on this statement, I would now say that poetry does much more than this. It provides a way of remembering the past, of allowing all the intangible aspects of being alive to easily flood the senses”, Rosabelle says.

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Well done to our CMR student members who graduated at the 2021 Summer Graduation ceremony! We congratulate you, your supervisors and mentors, families and support structures.
The CMR congratulates the following student members on this fantastic achievement:
Master of Laws: Public Law
Osiphesona Ngcanga
Bathobile Thandazile Unittah Vilakazi
Doctor of Philosophy: Oceanography
Xolisa Dlomo
Estee Miltz
Doctor of Laws: Public Law
Nonhlanhla Irene Pindiwe Hlazo
We also congratulate the Department of Development Studies CMR member, Dr Danai Tembo on graduating with her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Development Studies.
Miss Carla Dodd, one of the CMR’s PhD students, was selected for a specialised field training programme out of a group of postgrads from across Africa. The Train ME 2 Connect Summer School took place from 20 to 27 November and hosted eight postgraduate students from six different nationalities (Nigeria, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe).The Summer School is a training programme that focuses on bio- and geological sampling techniques in both aquatic and terrestrial environments and the application thereof in palaeoecology.



Dr Estee Miltz’s doctoral thesis, entitled Applying a Systems Analysis Approach to Support Integrated Ocean Management and Marine Spatial Planning in Algoa Bay, South Africa, was awarded the Global Challenges University Alliance Award by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences for the thesis of the year in relevance to Sustainable Development. This high-quality research has applied a transdisciplinary, systems analysis approach to support marine spatial planning and provided a platform for stakeholders and decision makers to conduct scenario analyses and explore sustainable management interventions to achieve a balance in social ecological objectives across marine sectors Dr Miltz will give a seminar about her research later during 2022 and receive a prize of 4000 Euro.