Professor Alan Whitfield

Affiliation: Ecologist - South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB)

Email Address:

Research Interest(s): Estuarine Ecology; Ichthyology

Description of Research: Professor Whitfield's focus areas are the biology and ecology of fishes in estuarine environments, and larval fish ecology. He investigates the role of river flow in the functioning of estuaries.


Dr Angus Paterson

Affiliation: Managing Director – South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB)

Email Address:

Research Interest(s): Marine Biodiversity; Diving; Management

Description of Research: Dr Paterson's research interests lie in coastal and inshore marine sciences and long-term environmental observation and monitoring. He has expertise in scientific diving.


Professor Francesca Porri

Affiliation: Scientist – South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB)

Email Address:

Research Interest(s): Climate Change; Marine & Wildlife Ecology; Urban Ecology; Conservation Biology; Invasive Species

Description of Research: Professor Porri's research considers organismal-, community-, and ecosystem-based approaches in a range of systems. She investigates the early life history processes that influence larval connectivity and the population dynamics in coastal invertebrates.


Mrs Jenny Rump

Affiliation: Environmental Officer – Zwartkops Conservancy

Email Address:

Research Interest(s): Environmental Education; Conservation

Description of Research: Mrs Rump's work involves environmental education, and environmental clean-ups and conservation initiatives using waste collected in the coastal environment.


Mr Liwalam (Liwa) Madikiza

Affiliation: Scientist Manager – Department of Environmental Affairs: Oceans and Coasts

Email Address:

Research Interest(s): Science Management; Environmental Management

Description of Research: Mr Madikiza works in the field of environmental management and assessing the state of the oceans and coasts.


Dr Nasreen Peer

Affiliation: Lecturer - Stellenbosch University

Email Address:

Research Interest(s): Marine Ecology; Biodiversity; Evolution; Biodiversity Monitoring; Systematics; Invasive Species

Description of Research: Dr Peer's research focuses on the biodiversity, ecology and taxonomy of Southern African mangrove ecosystems. She is interested in exploring the role of local communities in conservation with an emphasis on traditional ecological knowledge.


Dr Paula Pattrick

Affiliation: Project Manager - Abalobi

Email Address:

Research Interest(s): Fish Ecology; Larval Fish; Fish Biology

Description of Research: Dr Pattrick's research focuses on various aspects of larval fish ecology in the coastal environment, including estuaries. She investigates: the distribution of larvae determined through hydrodynamics, behaviour and physiology; larval connectivity; and the influence of urbanisation in shallow coastal systems on invertebrate and fish larvae, amongst others.


Mr Pierre de Villiers

Affiliation: Coastal Programme Manager – CapeNature

Email Address:

Research Interest(s): Estuarine Ecology; Environmental Management; Water Quality; Scientific Diving

Description of Research: Mr De Villiers is involved in estuarine research and environmental management. He has an interest in marine robotics and has experience in scientific diving.


Professor Rosemary (Rosie) Dorrington

Affiliation: Chair Holder – Marine Natural Products at Rhodes University

Email Address:

Research Interest(s): Virology; Natural Products; Marine Science

Description of Research: Professor Dorrington's research interests are in molecular virology, and microbial ecology and marine natural products research. She is involved in marine spatial planning initiatives.


Dr Stacey Webb

Affiliation: Executive Director – Sustainable Seas Trust (SST)

Email Address:

Research Interest(s): Conservation; Environmental Education; Animal Rehabilitation; Zoology; Ecophysiology

Description of Research: Dr Webb's work focuses on environmental education, marine waste management and citizen science.