The CMR 2023 Research Symposium was hosted at Nelson Mandela University, Ocean Sciences Campus.

Date: 24 November 2023

Theme: Optimising Marine and Coastal Research for Global Sustainability


The presenters were:

1. Dr Nomtha Hadi

Topic: Optimising Marine and Coastal Research for Global Sustainability


2. Prof. Nikki James

Topic: Climate Change Impacts on South Africa's Estuarine-Associated Fish Species


3. Prof. Tommy Bornman

Topic: Open and Collaborative Research Infrastructures in Support of Sustainable Marine Ecosystem


4. Prof. Helmut Hillebrand 

Topic: How to cope with environmental change - how synthesis efforts can foster our understanding of ecological stability.


5. Dr Jessica Thornton

Topic: Sustainability, Well-Being and Health: Towards a Cultural Metric Approach in Ocean Accounting


6. Mr Bayanda Laqwela

Topic: The Relationship between the Poeple and the Ocean in Selected Coastal Communities in Mpondolan


7. Dr Dylan Bailey

Topic: An investigation of a Coastal Trapped Wave Event on the Eastern Agulhas Bank


8. Dr Eckart Schumann

Topic: Options for Renewable Ocean Energy in South Africa


9. Dr Danica Marlin

Topic: Sustainable Seas Trust: Using Research as a Basis for Actions Towards Sustainable African Seas and Thriving Coastal Communities


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