MARISMA EBSA Workstream project reports:

The technical report for the whole BCLME Region (all three countries) is currently being drafted, with the version updated on 11 August 2020 available from the side-bar. This report has also been split into separate documents for each of the three countries: Angola, Namibia, and South Africa.

The technical report (for each country and the BCLME region) comprises the EBSA descriptions, motivations, status assessment and management recommendations

Subsets have also been created for those who might require only the descriptions, or only the descriptions and motivations


Note: the content in matching sections across all the documents is identical; the full technical report has just been subset into different sections (e.g., countries, descriptions) depending on the needs of potential end users of the products.

Note also that the full BCLME technical report (BCLME-EBSA-descriptions_motivations_status_management-20200811) is given as a zip file to reduce download size.