Angola currently has 1 EBSA solely within its national jurisdiction (listed in blue), shares 1 transboundary EBSA with Namibia (listed in green), and has 5 new areas as proposed EBSAs.


  • Peruse the interactive map and select an EBSA from the list below to view more information about the area. Note that some of the coastal EBSAs are very small at this scale - zoom into the coast to find them.
  • Download the descriptions from the right panel. All descriptions have been compiled into a single pdf document and into a zip file of the individual descriptions; individual descriptions can also be downloaded separately from each EBSA's page below. The full technical report for Angola (including EBSA descriptions, motivations, status assessment and managament recommendations) is also available from the right panel. See the Project Report page for all available report downloads from the EBSA Workstream.
  • A shapefile of Angola's EBSAs is available from the right panel. For more shapefiles and kmz files, see the MARISMA Spatial Data Portal
  • View also the EBSA status assessment and proposed management in Angola.


  1. Chiloango Mangroves
  2. Ponta Padrao Mangroves and Turtle Beaches
  3. Mussulo-Kwanza-Cabo Ledo Complex (previously Ramiros-Palmerinhas Coastal Area )
  4. Longa Coastline
  5. Ombaca Canyon and Seamount Complex
  6. Bentiaba
  7. Namibe (previously Kunene-Tigres)