Ocean Sciences Research Chairs

The South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChI) was initiated by the National Research Foundation (NRF) in 2006. Through the establishment of Research Chairs at public universities in South Africa, this initiative attracts and retains excellence in research and innovation in key specialist fields. The focus is on developing postgraduate students and early career researchers. Five such Research Chairs are hosted on the Ocean Sciences Campus. They contribute significantly towards CMR research management, development and outputs. The CMR provides administrative and research support services to these Research Chair Holders and their teams.


Researchers and Research Fellows

These are academic staff members employed at the Nelson Mandela University within various Departments and Faculties. These CMR members lead or participate in CMR research projects. They also supervise postgraduate student members.

Research Fellows are emerging or senior scientists hosted by the University for a period of three to five years for the purposes of capacity and research development. In contrast to Researchers, Research Fellows have little to no lecturing obligations. They have a strong focus on developing research projects and supervising postgraduate students. They add critical expertise to the CMR’s research portfolio, participating in or leading CMR research projects, and enable collaborations with significant stakeholders.


Research Associates and Professors

Research Associates and Professors (Visiting; Honorary; Adjunct) are employed by entities external to the Nelson Mandela University or are retired, but retain formal links with various Nelson Mandela University Departments and the CMR through these honorary positions. These positions allow them to benefit from the facilities offered by the CMR and conduct their research in an official capacity using the CMR and Nelson Mandela University as part of their affiliation.


Associate Researchers

These CMR members are colleagues employed by external entities without being formally affiliated with the Nelson Mandela University or the CMR. They contribute to the pool of expertise available at the CMR and provide collaborative links to various stakeholders.


Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

These members are hosted in various Nelson Mandela University Departments by senior Researchers. They are given the opportunity to develop their research capacity and experience by leading sub-components of CMR and member research projects, by co-supervising postgraduate students, and by being included in general research development discussions and management. They provide important support capacity to the CMR.