The Institute for Coastal and Marine Research (CMR) is led by an Acting Director and Deputy Directors. They provide overall vision and leadership to the CMR, and assume overall responsibility for all activities. The CMR Office Team consists of a number of dynamic individuals who provide administrative and research support to the CMR and its members. The image below indicates the CMR Office Team.


The CMR’s transdisciplinary research team is diverse, and contributes towards the CMR’s pool of expertise being the widest in the region. The CMR Research Expertise Booklet, which is available for download in the sidebar, provides details for the CMR’s most active research members and collaborators. The details captured in this booklet should facilitate the identification of possible research capacity and expertise for building and developing CMR research and collaborations. Should there be an interest in collaborating with the CMR on research, kindly please consider the contents of the booklet to identify potential individuals and contact the CMR to facilitate this collaborative process. Contact details are at the top right corner of this page.


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