The Institute for Coastal and Marine Research (CMR) is a research entity of the Nelson Mandela University, based at the Ocean Sciences Campus. The CMR spans across all seven University Faculties, and it includes members from external research entities and stakeholder groups (nationally and internationally). Established in the 1980s, the CMR aims to be a leading ocean and coastal sciences institute. The Institute conducts cutting-edge research, builds capacity, and advances our understanding of the coastal and marine environment to serve the needs of South Africa, the African continent and beyond, in a sustainable manner. The CMR strives for excellence in transdisciplinary research and training related to the ocean and coastal environments. This advances scientific knowledge, provides a basis for management strategies that optimise the maintenance of biodiversity and sustainable use of our resources, and contributes to the education of the community at large in all matters pertaining to the ocean and coast.



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Institute for Coastal and Marine Research