Anyone with an interest in the marine environment, is welcome to apply for Institute for Coastal and Marine Research (CMR) Membership. Please download the membership form and e-mail completed forms to Liza Rishworth ( She will add your details to the CMR mailing list.

If you are an adacemic from another university or research institution, or a professional working in industry or another field and you would like to be formally associated with the CMR and the Nelson Mandela University, you can apply to become a registered Research Associate (RA) or Professional Associate (PA) within the CMR. These are not positions that draw a salary or that have benefits such as discounted study rates, but RAs and PAs can become involved in projects in a formal and official capacity. Where a Nelson Mandela University academic staff member is the main supervisor on a student project, RAs are able to co-supervise students, and this is not restricted to a single department. PAs are unable to supervise students, but they can offer professional or technical expertise.

Please find the RA-PA Appointment form, Biographical form, and Renewal of RA Status form for download. If you are interested in registering as a RA/PA with the CMR, or if your status needs to be renewed, please complete these forms in full, and submit the original documents to Liza (her office address is stipulated below). In the case of all new registrations, a number of original certified documents are required for submission and processing - i.e. the original certified copy of a document is required and scanned and e-mailed versions will not be accepted. Please note that all certifications are valid for three months only. The list of documents required for submission are detailed in the RA/PA Appointment form and in the Renewal of RA Status form. Applications cannot be processed until all original documents have been received. Once received and everything is in order, Liza will submit the applications to the CMR Director for comments and approval, and the applications will be submitted to the relevant offices for processing thereafter. The successful applicants will receive their appointment letters and instructions for gaining access to University facilities at the postal addresses stipulated in the Biographical form.

CMR Office Address
Att: Liza Rishworth, Research Assistant
Institute for Coastal and Marine Research (CMR)
Ocean Sciences Campus
H Block, Ground Floor, Office 0023
Nelson Mandela UNiversity
Gomery Avenue
Port Elizabeth



CMR and University Branding

The Nelson Mandela University's name was officially changed as such in 2017. The University has adopted a new brand, look and feel, and it is important that members of CMR adhere to these new guidelines. For your convenience, various Nelson Mandela University logos along with standard and widescreen PowerPoint templates with CMR branding are available for download.

It would be much appreciated if these templates could please be used when documents are written and presentations are given under the name of the University, and when associated with the CMR. Please note that the new font to be used in presentations/posters/adverts is Avenir. This is not a standard/default font and will not be available on your computer unless installed. These Avenir font installation files are availabe in the sidebar for download.

The CMR has a single logo available in different formats for use on various backgrounds. This logo is to be used on all official documents, communications, reports and presentations. 

This is a friendly reminder to please not abbreviate the University's name to 'NMU'. Please be sure to reference the full University name (Nelson Mandela University) in all formal and official forms of communication. If this title is too cumbersome in certain applications, mention the University's name in full as an introduction, and thereafter it may be referred to as 'Mandela University' or 'the University'. Please also be sure to mention the Institute for Coastal and Marine Research's full name at the beginning of docmuments and discussions, but it may be abbreviated to 'CMR' thereafter.


CMR Affiliation

This is an urgent appeal to all CMR members to include the Institute for Coastal and Marine Research (CMR), Nelson Mandela University in full in all affiliations and addresses. The CMR should be referenced as above: Institute for Coastal and Marine Research (CMR), Nelson Mandela University. This is particularly important for publications, sspecifically in academic journals. Citation databases, such as SciVal and SCOPUS, will not recognise the 'CMR' abbreviation and this complicates the process of capturing the Nelson Mandela University and CMR publications by our Department of Research Management. The CMR is proud of the work done by its members and this needs to be advertised. Assisting with this request contributes to spreading and capturing successes.



Any CMR-related queries can be directed to the Offce Manager, Liza Rishworth. Her contact details are at the top right on the home page.