From 2021, the CMR will host a quarterly seminar to showcase reserch done by a prominent CMR member or collaborator.



Quarter 1: Dr Olivier Bousquet

3 March, 13:00-14:00 via Zoom

Research activities in atmospheric, oceanic, marine ecology and climate sciences in the SWIO: Examples of recent projects initiated in RĂ©union Island

Over the last five years, the University of RĂ©union Island, in collaboration with the European Union and numerous French and international research organisations, developed several ambitious and original research programmes in the fields of oceanic, atmospheric and climate sciences, and marine ecology. These include the ReNovRisk Project (impact of tropical cyclone activity on the inhabited territories of the SWIO basin at present and future horizons), SPY and STORM (use of seabirds and turtles as oceanographic samplers to collect hydrographic data in the western Indian Ocean), and IOGA4MET (monitoring the water vapour field and sea level rise on a regional scale), amonst others. The aim of this presentation was to provide an overview of the objectives and preliminary results of these major research projects, and to discuss other research activities and upcoming funding opportunities, to develop ocean science research programmes in the tropical and subtropical western Indian Ocean.

Dr Bousquet's presentation is available via this link. Please click here to access the recording of his presentation.  

Dr Bousquet is the Director of Research for the French Ministry of Sustainable Development (MTES), and a Research Associate with the CMR. 


Quarter 2: Prof Rose Boswell

22 June, 13:00-14:00 via Zoom

Professor Rosabelle (Rose) Boswell is an anthropologist and a poet. She serves on the editorial board of SHIMA, a global journal on maritime societies. She has written several books, as well as more than 30 sole-authored papers on heritage, identity, sensory ethnography and the Indian Ocean World.

In this seminar, Professor Boswell discussed the role of art and the senses in indigenous forms of ocean conservation. The presentation draws on the work of two artists who featured in the One Ocean Hub (OOH) Art and the Oceans webinar held during the UN World Ocean Week in 2020. Prof. Boswell discusses the sensorial nature of art and human beings, as well as the role that art can play in transforming ocean governance. It is argued human artistic endeavour is important to ocean conservation and should be considered in national ocean conservation plans and policy. By using art to leverage human sensory expression, ocean conservation advocates can refine and produce contextually relevant communication for ocean conservation. Recognising the senses and arts is fundamental to reorienting humanity as it enters a post-anthropocentric age, which is marked by dramatic ecological change.

Prof Boswell’s presentation is available via this link. Please click here to access the recording of her presentation.

Prof Boswell holds the DSI-NRF Research Chair for Ocean Cultures and Heritage at the Nelson Mandela University.